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The cost of a new mountainbike can range from about £100 to several thousand. Price differences are mainly due to differing levels of quality and sophistication in features such as suspension, braking systems, materials used (alloys, carbon fiber...), quality of build etc.

If you are just staring out, you can get a good bike from a good manufacturer for about £350. We wouldn't recommend buying cheaper bikes because they are usually 'built to a price' and are often of insufficient quality to withstand the demands of off-road use. If your are on a tighter budget, consider buying a good used bike.

Exterior car accessories

Exterior car accessories must be of a high enough quality to withstand all weather conditions and still aid driving. Examples of highly useful exterior accessories for cars include windscreen wiper blades, headlamp bulbs, car aerials, car covers, wheel trims and tyre valve caps. Any car parts or accessories that are old or worn should be replaced immediately to ensure safety standards can be met.

Car Maintenance

Modern motoring is made all the simpler by the calibre of vehicle readily available. With finance plans for new cars getting cheaper, drivers can afford safe, efficient, beautiful vehicles. Parts for older cars are available to buy online and garages offer MOTs at competitive rates, making car maintenance easier as well.

Replacement car parts

Any car accessories, bodywork or components that are damaged or faulty must be replaced immediately. There’s a big market for replacement car parts, with numerous online stockists of bearings, tyres, wheels, car lights and more. It’s essential that all replacement parts are genuine and come from an approved supplier, garage or dealership to suit the car make and model.